In English

In English

Mika Vanhanen Ensemble plays bluesy jazz with elements from stage music. Music varies from moods of Berlin in 30's to Second line stuff in New Orleans, from bossa nova to lyric vocals. Lyrics are focused on stories and in Finnish, but also available online in English. Songs are composed by Mika Vanhanen.

In the photo, from right: 

  • Tuire Silvennoinen, vocals, violin
  • Jari Lappalainen, drums
  • Siiri Ahtola, lead vocals
  • Mika Vanhanen, piano, vocals
  • Risto Riikonen, guitar
  • Petri Karttunen, saxophone
  • Esko Kauppinen, bass

Find the lyrics online in English here.   And check our music links by clicking + on the left corner, bottom on this page.

Photo by Siiri Riikonen